Paying Attention, Taking Notes

February 28, 2006


…exhaustive note taking on my part…


…full color notes…

Last Thursday night I went to a lecture by longtime Disney illustrator Tom Bancroft on our local college campus. I took a seat on the very back row, (this being my traditional spot from when I attended college) and got ready to get back into school mode and take some notes. I really enjoyed hearing what Tom had to say.

I had the best of intentions to take exhaustive notes while I was there, unfortunately my note taking skills have not advanced much since 7th grade. My problem has always been that my writing turns into drawing. This does not mean that I am not listening… it simply means that I am multi-tasking.

So, here you have it, my complete lecture notes from Tom’s talk. I share them now with you. The interesting thing is, sometimes my notes jump over into my watercolor notebook, as they did here.

The Comments

Doug Jones

hey… great little critter, Den! I like the way he is shakin’ his Badonk-adonk!


He’s Practicing for the next Olympics. Ski Jumping is his event and the tail is just for counter stability..

Dennis Jones

…he does seem to be missing ski poles in his hands…


He finds it cheaper to practice in the off season.. Animal Olympic budget cuts…

Don Jones

The colors are vibrating on my RGB screen… beeyoutifulll. Your back row positioning is still engrained from all those art history classes. Was there green vending machine coffee available?

Dennis Jones

…for some reason I ended up in an art history lecture class in college that started at 7:30 in the morning… every class period started by turning off the lights and then clicking thru slides… the back row was a premium spot to sit because you could rest your head against the back wall and doze until class was over…


I used that very study technique during American History.. It turns out, George Washington did not have anything to do with the Civil War.. Who knew?

Don Jones

Here’s a little lecturing flashback- When examining the above image for the intrinsic value inherent in its purpose, we find that in order to conceptualize its true meaning, the image must be experienced in the visual realm. zzzzzz…


Whut?? My pa did’nt go fur all that book larnin’.

Doug Jones

anyone see Paul McCartney on PBS last night?

Dennis Jones

…zzz …>snort<… oh, I just woke up after Dons last comment…

Don Jones

I caught that Beatle. That was a really good show. His on the spot recording at the end was the best. I’m looking for some glasses around the house that will ring like those

Doug Jones

just think… you have more in Garage Band than they had in their entire recording studio back then…

Don Jones

That’s a crazy thought… and true. The only things missing on my end are musical talent and a good head of hair.

Joe Programmer

Ah, so that’s what you were doing way up there, Dennis. For fun I looked at my notes (which are usually phrases that I didn’t understand) including “chapel credit”, “manga style”. Not a single doodle, not a single Bible verse… I like yours much better.

Dennis Jones

well… I must confess, Joe… that Bible verse came from my exhaustive note taking at church the following Sunday…

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