Starting Next Monday!

March 10, 2006


…I’m not sure yet what exactly is going to start next Monday… but I’m thinking surely something exciting will…

The Comments

Don Jones

Den, this is scarin’ me especially that fine detail text about your “Wet-on-Wet” technique.

Mrs. Jones

TODAY IS DENNIS’ 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!! Perhaps that is why Monday will bring such “newness.” Historically, the half century mark has been the initiator of great change to an era. {YOU MAY SEND YOUR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS AND GIFTS IN CARE OF HIS WIFE.}

Don Jones

I already detect great changes in Dennis’ hair stylings.

Doug Jones

That’s a funny pic! You made me laugh! … you sure can get some awesome detail with that BIG brush, Denny…

Keegan Jones

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Lietha

Is that a double-goatee or does your neck have a hairball?

Dennis Jones

…nope …just another one of my fine photoshop “thats good enough” jobs…

Dan Lietha

I’m glad you put your full effort into your illustrations, where it really counts!  Happy birthday!

Don Jones

Isn’t that majestic mountain scene up around Fort Wayne?


Dennis, Love the fro! That really is old school. If you get enough dried gouache in that brush, you can use it as a pick! hehe Happy Birthday and look forward to Monday

Doug Jones

HA! see what you have started? Now we are actually EXPECTING to see something Monday. The pressure is on! Maybe we’ll get Monkey Mondays… eh?

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