Amazing Race 2005

November 15, 2005


I think the best reality show on TV is the Amazing Race. On Tuesday nights you will find Jones’s from all over the country huddled around their TV’s, tuned in to see what’s going to happen next. This season showcases teams of four family members. Unfortunately the team we were all rooting for got eliminated right out of the box.

The Comments

Doug Jones

It was all SocMo’s fault. He got us lost in New York looking for bananas.

Dennis Jones

…it was kinda scary the way we were all sitting in the back seat of the car screaming directions at Socmo and the way he just kept driving us on down the road with that creepy little grin on his face…

Don Jones

Fortunately I had taken a heavy dose of Dramamine and was resting soundly in the backseat. I woke up and we were off the show.

Doug Jones

I liked the sneer Phil gave SocMo when we finally made it to the first pit stop. It’s great the way they did the cutting and editing so it looked like we were racing to the end neck and neck with that other team… but in reality we didn’t finish till the next day.

Dennis Jones

…you guys are finished? …I’m still looking for Phil and that little mat you have to jump on…

Dennis Jones

…In hindsight… it probably was not such a good idea to buy plane tickets to Guatemala when the task was to get from the Statue of Liberty in New York City to Madison Square Garden in New York…

Don Jones

I’ve got every stitch of clothing on and I’m really hot.

Dennis Jones

…and dont think Doug and I haven’t been enjoying that… but the people where you work are starting to talk so I think maybe it’s time for you to quit wearing five sets of underwear on top of your dress pants…

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