Atomic Rookie

December 12, 2005


My big brother took me snow skiing for the very first time. I was a freshman in college and got a call from Doug asking me if I wanted to go. Even though I had never actually even been in the same room as a pair of snow skis before I said, you bet and off we headed for Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Being a novice at the sport I was given a pair of really short skis (which I can tell you is pretty embarrassing when standing in crowded lift lines). But what was worse was the brand name of the skis… Atomic Rookie… which was exactly what I was I suppose. Those skis mocked me the entire time I was there.

My form left much to be desired. Experienced skiers keep their knees and ankles tucked tightly together as they slalom down a hill. I kept my knees and ankles as far apart as was humanly possible one foot on a mogul up the hill the other foot on a mogul down the hill, all the while going as fast as was humanly possible on those short little skis. In other words, I was a train wreck looking for a place to happen. Good times.

Of course, I didnt look like a rookie skier, not at all. I looked like a seasoned vet. I wore a pair of big bell Levi blue jeans which I had sprayed with Scotchguard, a thin blue sweater, sunglasses, and I shaved my beard off and into a Fu Manchu for the occasion. My brand new pair of five dollar ski gloves completed my outfit. Yes, I looked very much like a professional skier. Im sure nobody suspected that I was, in fact, not.

All that to say, I found this commemorative picture Doug drew and sent to me after the trip and I thought he might enjoy seeing it again. Thanks Doug.

The Comments

Don Jones

That is really nice there, Clark. I felt as though I was right there on the slopes with you. A Fu Manchu always is a great facial hair stylistic choice.

Dennis Jones

yes, Don… as I was shoveling snow all afternoon on Saturday… and then shoveling the same areas again after church on Sunday, I seemed to remember that at some point in time snow was actually kind of a fun thing…

Doug Jones

YES! that is some amazing artwork, isn’t it? Notice how I drew the strap that keeps your ski connected to your boot in case of a crash. This is a critical thing. Also, I included your penicillin tag in case of emergency… and check out those bellbottoms! Our last day, we skied down the mountain in a blizzard and jumped in the car and tried to beat the blizzard outta Colorado. those were the days…

Dennis Jones

…Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was popular at that time and I enjoyed hearing it pop up on the radio during that trip…

Don Jones

What does that small word balloon say down on the bottom right? Colts rule Chiefs drool.

Dennis Jones

…the word balloon says, “who was that masked man?”

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