Fold A Shirt

November 7, 2005


OK… I dont want to say that I’m easily distracted… but my wife emailed me this “How To Fold A Shirt” web page and I just spent the last twenty minutes in my studio floor with a t-shirt trying to figure out how to do it. I finally did… kinda… can you?

The Comments

Kyle Jones

Ern and I figured this out after seein it on Jay Leno… pretty nifty- impresses the ladies

Dennis Jones

…the one time I was actually able to do it the t-shirt looked like an elephant sat on it…

Doug Jones

The secret, Dennis, is speaking in Japanese while folding the shirt. It is much easier if you do this.

Dennis Jones

…hoooochiMAMMA… no… that didnt work, Doug… then again that might not actually be Japanese…

Doug Jones

try folding while repeating the words…. OOM PAPA MAU MAU….

Nick Jones Everybody

isn’t it supposed to be papa oom mau mau? Maybe you repeated it wrong, maybe that is why you are experiencing the problems?

Dennis Jones

…serenity now… SERENITY NOW


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