G’day Mates!

January 26, 2006


…beautiful Austria… except this is a picture from Romania…

I was pretty excited to see that I had a three hour layover in Vienna, Austria on my way back to the United States this week. I have always been a really big fan of their world famous little sausages.

I was hoping to see some kangaroos while flying in and hopefully be welcomed to the airport by some rugged looking character saying, “G’day mate! Let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie”… but much to my disappointment none of this happened. I suspect you probably must travel miles and miles into bush country in a Land Rover to see the traditional Austria we have all grown to know and love.

Vienna was also the last place we actually had any luggage because none of it made it back home with us. I suspect our bags were snatched by the Austrian Aborigines who no doubt wanted our western clothing… (although I really think my sweaters will be too hot for them to wear in the outback).

The Comments

Doug Jones

Welcome back! It’s been pretty quiet around the old website lately. Those Austrians are notorious for stealing luggage. There will probably be some very well dressed Kangaroos hopping around the country now. The rest of your stuff will be on eBay this afternoon. Bid high if you want it back! Oh… once those Austrians acquire a decent American wardrobe, they move here and run for governor of Caleefornia.

Don Jones

Hey Den! Were you and Karen participating in the Amazing Race or something? From the looks of the photo above it appears you are smack dab in the middle of the street snappin’ this picture. Good job. You are the last to arrive with no luggage. You have been eliminated from the race and must live out the remainder of your life in northern Indiana. Go Steelers!

Dennis Jones

…we had so many connections to make it sure seemed like The Amazing Race…

…Ft Wayne to Chicago to Frankfurt to Prague… then…

…Prague to Vienna to Cluj… then…

…Cluj to Sibiu (I still dont know where Sibiu is) to Vienna to Munich to Chicago to Ft Wayne..

…and the worst weather we had during the entire trip was when we were flying back into Ft Wayne and some kind of freak snow storm hit, dumped about an inch of snow WHILE we were trying to land, and then quit…

Don Jones

Did you bring me and Doug a little souvenir or SOMEthing?

Doug Jones

I’m hoping for a boomerang…. I just hope it wasn’t in a suitcase

Dennis Jones

yeh… yeh, I had both you boys souvenirs… really GREAT souvenirs… but unfortunately they are in the suitcases that are lost… yeh, thats what happened… thats the ticket…

Doug Jones


Dennis Jones

ok, I confess… I didn’t get anybody anything… mainly because I couldn’t figure out the money conversion rates… I never even figured out whether $500,000 Lai was a good price for a Coke or not… seemed a little high to me, but, who knows…

Don Jones

500,000 of anything is alot. I was hoping for a “I went to Austria and all I got was this stupid DOWN UNDER t-shirt!”

Dennis Jones

…the funny thing is… in the Austrian airport there were t-shirts in most of the shops with kangaroos on them… (really)… it must be a real popular joke there…

Doug Jones

I’d like one of those $500,000 T-shirts… with a ROO of course

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