Harvest Time 2005

November 11, 2005


Karen and our dog, Moo, are currently in the Official Brother Jones Gourd Patch furiously harvesting the crop. A rough early count indicates approximately 350 gourds this season. The gourd patch has also yielded approximately 25 golf balls… Pete…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Really SLOW week here at brotherjonesdotcom. I was beginning to think you went back to Cincy to harass those pigs again. So, has Moo learned how to fold a shirt in two moves?

Dennis Jones

I have just been swamped with work this week… not much time to play at the Brother Jones… the big news is… tomorrow Karen and I are going to a big gourd festival in Goshen… I will take a camera and report back in on this excursion next week…

Don Jones

I remember MOO… the gazillion dollar dog… lookin’ good. (Dennis’ advice to us on dog ownership, ”(All ya gotta do is feed ‘em.)

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