New For 2006!

February 7, 2006


…new stuff is headed for the Brother Jones Web Site…

I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but there are going to be some pretty neat changes coming to Brother Jones in the very near future. One of those changes will be in the Brother Jones Souvenir and Gift Shop. There will now be actual merchandise in the shop which you can purchase with actual money. Sam Walton would be so proud.

In preparation for this I am submitting for your approval (Rod Serling/Twilight Zone) the Dennis Jones 2006 Sketchbook Wall Calendar.

I can hardly wait for the marching bands and ribbon cutting ceremonies at the Grand Opening of the Brand New and Improved Brother Jones Web Site. Don’t miss it!

The Comments

Doug Jones

In my crystal ball I see rivers of money flowing your way!

Dennis Jones

…is that the beautiful green crystal gazing ball out in front of your house in the flower bed that you are looking into? All I see when I look into that thing is a bald headed guy looking back at me…

Doug Jones

that bald headed guy looking at you would be your evil twin…. Gollum

Don Jones

Oh … this could very well be your cash cow Den … but then again, you also picked Seattle to win the Super Bowl. The only thing I thought this calendar needed was your website address… and official logo… on EVERY PAGE MAN!!! What are you thinking?

Dennis Jones

…Karen and I just got back from having eye exams… they dilated our eyes and told us our vision would be blurred for a couple of hours… so instead of going home we wandered around Walmart, the grocery store, and several other places partially blind…

…it is interesting to drive when your vision is blurred… Karen told me I was driving like Mr McGoo… I did have to yell out my car window once and tell a guy that if he didn’t like my driving, stay off the sidewalk…

Don Jones

You know Glue-coma is a family curse.

Dennis Jones

…thats what ya get when you accidently pick up the bottle of Elmer’s instead of the bottle of eye drops…

Doug Jones

I’m thinkin SocMo calendar now…

Dennis Jones

…my thinking was twelve of anything makes a pretty good Brother Jones Calendar…

Bucky Jones

I wanna be a Jones Brother, too! Wish my name started with a “D”. ___Great stuff!!!!

Dennis Jones

…Bucky is close enough… welcome to the club…

Bucky Jones

Thanks, Dennis. Now, who do I sit next to at the dinner table? Does Doug chew with his mouth open? Just asking.

Dennis Jones

…thats not as much of a problem as the flying elbows when the food first hits the table… I personally always try to sit next to the kids… they are much easier to muscle off the mashed potato bowl…

Bucky Jones

Cool!—I’ll wear my bib, bring my own TV tray and I’ll see you guys at dinnertime!

marcelo from Brasil!!!!!!

OHHHHHHH how i want one of those wall calendars!!!!!! but i told you that its hard to find someone with a international card … hey Mr jones, give a hand to your fan from the other hemisphere!!!! ill send you the tree times more money !!!!but please!!!! i need one of those things…and a mug too, of course !!!! ill make a worwide campagin : ” Give peace a chance, and a 2006 skechtbook wall calendar to marcelo…and a mug!!!!” hehehehehe…

Dennis Jones

Yes Marcelo, I agree with you… the solution to having peace in the world is a 2006 Dennis Jones Sketchbook Wall Calendar… if only everyone in the world had one my problems would be over… I mean THEIR problems would be over… peace and tranquility would reign… I have about convinced myself to buy one… let world peace begin and let it begin with me! …come on everybody, follow my lead… to the Brother Jones Gift Shop…

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