New Years Resolution

January 2, 2006


…longtime family pet, Moo Jones, mugs for camera…

My New Years Resolution is to dress the family dog in funny clothing. This is our dog, Moo, sporting the brand new DJ-ART t-shirt she got for Christmas. From the look on her face she seems to be truly thrilled with her gift.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Moo has had a long and exciting life. She’s looking really snappy in that new T. The other dog’s in the ‘hood will be jealous!

Don Jones

It appears that Moo’s response to this DJ-ART tee shirt is somewhat similar to receiving a loud, gawdy Santa Clause Christmas tie. Is that pumpkin pie chunks dog food?

Dennis Jones

…ever since I put that t-shirt on Moo she gives me that disgusted look every time I step out the door… kinda the same look I get from most people that know me…

Megan Jones

Lola is really jealous!

Dennis Jones

Megan, I told your dad to get a dog t-shirt with a Brother Jones logo on it for Lola, but apparently he didn’t listen to his older brother… tsk, tsk…

Don Jones

I did pick up a 5-bone variety pack for Lola for the holidays. She discovered where I had them hid and tore right into them. Discriminating Consumer …What was your opinion on the quality of merchandise from Cafe Press?

Dennis Jones

I had never actually seen any Cafe Press stuff live and in person until I ordered a bunch of it in December… I was pleasantly surprised…

The merchandise itself is of good quality… the printing (especially on the ceramic things) was top notch… I received a mug with a broken handle, I called their toll free line and they shipped another one to me pronto and told me to keep the broken one to scoop dog food or pot a plant in, so their customer service is great…

The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the t-shirt printing… the direct printing looks a bit washed out… it is not the high quality screen printing you would expect to buy in a department store… on the other hand, a department store wont make me one custom made, full color t-shirt for 10 or 12 bucks…

So in general I was very pleased with everything I received…

Doug Jones

Ah… that’s good to know… unfortunately I let my valuable coupons expire before I bought anything. How about buying a bunch more stuff and sending me another coupon… huh? huh?

Doug Jones

hey… just clicked on that wacky gourd on your sidebar. What a surprise! What’s up with that? This is worthy of a journal post I’d say…

Dennis Jones

…maybe tomorrow… maybe…

Don Jones

Yet another brilliant move for the brothers Jones! First we took over Caf Press with our multiple outlet stores … then Doug snuck into the eBlogger deal with SocMo and now Dennis’ Weasel Boy Solo Musical efforts are released to the masses! Infiltrating Pure Volume!! Our plan of World Wide Web domination is taking shape.

Dennis Jones

…a good time to insert the taking over the world, scary laugh…

bwWAA HA HA HA ha ha….


What better group of guys to take over the www! Love the work guys…brilliant…a big fan here and fellow artist…would love to meet you sometime. Friend of family from Siloam Springs, AR!

Dennis Jones

…we promise to run a benevolent dictatorship as soon as we take over… unless, of course, we dont… bwWAA HA HA HA ha ha…

Don Jones

I don’t really know what Dennis means there… but we would definitely dominate… A Krispy Kreme on every corner, a $10 iTunes card in every pocketbook, all for a mere 98 percent of your income in taxes.

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