October 31, 2005


Karen and I spent the weekend in Cincinnati, or Porkopolis as we discovered it was nicknamed. We saw pictures, sculptures and t-shirts of flying pigs everywhere. They were even on top of the smokestacks downtown. It made us very curious as to what this was all about.

During dinner I asked our waitress (a lifelong Cincinnati resident) what the deal with the flying pigs was about. She said “I think it has something to do with pigs”. I said, “Oh… how interesting”…

It all reminded me of a wonderful song by Trout Fishing In America called Prom Night In Pig Town. If you have not heard it you might want to check it out.

The Comments

Don Jones

With personal experience as a waiter I know for a fact that your waitress was a rank novice. She broke unwritten rule #12 …If you don’t know the answer… make up stuff and bluff your way through. For example, back when I was waiting tables at Wicker Works restaurant I was asked how long the teriyaki steak was marinated I promptly answered “at least two or three minutes” The customer erupted in laughter and I still got a handsome tip. Little did he know that I was clueless to the meaning of “marinate.” (The correct answer was at least 12 hours.)

Doug Jones

I also like when you told people the seafood was flown in fresh daily. HA! Hey… this is a Great Pig! So why were you in Cincinnati? Business or Pleasure? Should have stopped in and said hi to Jim Borgman

Dennis Jones

…we went to Cincinnati because it was Karen’s birthday and I wanted to take her someplace she had never been to before… Karen has literally been all over the world, but she had never been to Porkopolis…

Don Jones

Where were you two “porkin’” out? Do you remember Mountain Grove’s Hickory Pig drive-in? Didn’t Mary work there or something?

Dennis Jones

…we ate at several different places including The CheeseCake Factory, Don Pablo’s and a place called the Blue Gibbon…

Doug Jones

I went to the web site and hit the Launch Trout Radio words and I am now listening to a bunch of their music… whole songs not just clips… “After You’re Gone” was the first one I heard and it is great! And then… who doesn’t like “My Hair had a Party Last Night?”

Don Jones

Trout Radio… YES! These guys have been in Springfield quite a few times… I need to get out more and catch a show.

Dennis Jones

…way back when I still lived in Texas I wandered into a Borders Bookstore one night and heard live music emanating from the back of the store. I headed toward the sound of the music and found these two guys doing a live set in front of maybe ten people… (at that time I think they were touring anywhere and everywhere)… I believe they became fairly popular soon after that… they have a real nice folk/rock kinda mix…

Dan Lietha

Next time you’re in the Porkopolis area, pop on down to the Answers in Genesis offices and museum in Northern Kentucky. I’d love to give you a tour. We’re still under construction, but it’s still worth the visit!

Dennis Jones

…interesting, Dan… seems the pigs are like brother Doug’s big guitars in Nashville… the cows in Chicago… and the bears in Berlin… I thought it was all very cool… we really enjoyed our weekend in Cinci and plan to go back sometime… I will have to give you a call when we do…

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