This Is So Easy

January 31, 2006


…can you spot the hidden reference?

I just finished this Noah’s Ark illustration. I have done many of these over the years, but this one has a little something extra in it. Lets play the “Can You Find It” game. I tucked a movie reference into this picture somewhere… can you find it?

…(this is so easy, a caveman could do it).

The Comments

Caveman Anti Defamation


Dennis Jones

…seriously, I didnt even know you guys were still around…


Next time, do a little research…


…Ill take the roast duck… with mango Salsa.

Caveman Two

…I dont have much of an appetite…

Doug Jones

I’m KING of the WORRRRRRRLD! … no, really I am. Seriously.

Dennis Jones

…well… that little game didn’t last very long…

Doug Jones

game?…. what game? I AM king of the world. …I like the Alley Oop arms on the bears

Dennis Jones

…thats what ya get when you dont use any reference for your animals…

Don Jones

Dennis Jones – Art … “All Illustrations are Reference Free!”

Dennis Jones

…thats right, Don… if I dont know from memory what a character looks like I just draw in stick arms and legs… like I did with the monkeys in this picture…

Don Jones

I just read in the paper they have opened up the TITANIC museum in Branson. For about $17 you can see the stairway and the boat’s steering wheel… not sure what else. Believe it.. OR NOT!

Dennis Jones

…that sounds like a titanic disaster waiting to happen…

Don Jones

Branson also has recently added a TARGET … I forgot what else. It doesn’t matter.

Don Jones

Come on Den … anything new would be great here. I like the picture and everything but I need some variety in my visual diet.

Dennis Jones

…hey… I posted up last month… something… I think…

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