A 2005 Teachers Apple

October 7, 2005


I have done a lot of pictures over the years of teachers sitting behind their school desks. I usually put an apple on the desk somewhere. That is the age old stereotype; the student brings an apple to the teacher. My mom taught elementary school for over thirty years and during that time I am sure she received several apples as gifts from her students…

…but that was a lot of years ago…

…what do students bring their teachers now as gifts of appreciation?

My teacher wife, Karen, came home last weekend from her class with a big bag of Verona blend, whole bean coffee. One of her students who works at Starbucks brought the bag in as a gift.

Now that’s what I call one really great 2005 teachers apple!

The Comments

casey chief

Wow, your wife must be a really special teacher!!! What does she teach?

Doug Jones

…now if they would just throw in a bear claw…

Dennis Jones

Karen teaches Youth Ministry… and a bear claw WOULD be nice…

Don Jones

Speaking of Bear Claws… I cashed in my complimentary birthday meal coupon at work today for a DOZEN BIG HONKIN’ CINNAMON ROLLS. These things are about 10 inches wide. I envision the sin of gluttony on the horizon…

Dennis Jones

…dont let thee parson find outest thou, brother Don…

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