October 4, 2005


WARNING: This is a LOST TV SHOW SPOILER… DO NOT LOOK AT THIS PICTURE unless you want to spoil this weeks surprising show twist.

After exaustive internet digging, the crack staff in the Brother Jones Research And Development Department have discovered this screen cap for Wednesdays LOST television show. It seems the Castaway Amish Dairy Cow Theory that we broke exclusively here last week is indeed the direction the show is headed in.

Always depend on Brother Jones Dot Com for late breaking, reliable pop culture news.

The Comments

Doug Jones

did one of the cows eat Walt?

Don Jones

They are looking for one of Sawyer’s contact lenses. Ironic how the cows and the Amish guys have similar black and white outfits…. wait a minute! Sawyer is wanting the cow to play leap-frog. This is one crazy drama. Dennis, this is going to blow the lid off this show. Keep up the fantastic work.

Dennis Jones

I will continue to do my best to run down every plausible theory I can as a public service to the Brother Jones viewing public which is depending on this web site to bring them reliable, and up to date information on the latest in breaking LOST news items…

Nick Jones Everybody

is that a dharma logo I see on that cow?

Doug Jones

goodgollybum! I think Nick has nailed it. The secret organization is run by the cows. The last time we saw Walt he was dripping wet. I think he went to the Amish water carnival and lost the ballon toss.

Dennis Jones

…whats a dharma logo?

Don Jones

The OTHER secret organization is indeed an Amish hourly plus materials operation which rides to and from bamboo barn raisin’ beach work on coordinating black and white colored cows. Walt is their designated front man who runs a water park carnival and sells dairy products on the side. It’s all coming together… my head is spinning.


So was it the fast and furious work on the barn raising that caused the smoke?

Nick Jones Everybody

man you need to start pounding the Lost message boards. At our office we have designated 3:30 to 4 as Lost discussion time everyday. Dharma is the company that Desmond works for. The Dharma logo was on the tail of that shark that almost ate Sawyer… where have you been? I’m just glad that this super secret group still jams out to Cass Elliot.

Dennis Jones

hmmm… interesting… I guess I have not been paying close enough attention to the show… too busy formulating theories I suppose… you DO know what Dharma says spelled backwards dont you?… Amrahd… think about it!… pretty spooky…

Don Jones

HEy… that was in an old Atlanta Rhythm Section cover tune… “Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little Amrahd like you.”

Dennis Jones

…thats what I’m talkin’ about…

Doug Jones

I cut out that Dharma logo and played it on my turntable backwards and it said… “Paul is dead” Who is Paul? one of the Amish guys?

Dennis Jones

…hmmm… Yoder and Graber are the Amish guys… I dont know who Paul is…


nah, nah, nah, nah… nah na nah NAH… nah na nah NAH… Hey, Jin…

Pete Jones

i wish i knew what lost was about so i could participate in this conversation, sorry pops…

Dennis Jones

Pete… it is to your credit that you cannot participate in this conversation… you actually have… A REAL LIFE… we are all probably just a little bit dumber just having been exposed to the content on this page…

Wanker stopper

hey guys dont spoil it u wankers

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