Skeeter Joins The Team

October 14, 2005


Skeeter Jones joined the Mutant Sock Monkey Covert Operations Unit late last night. Skeeter is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and was quite unhappy with the outcome of last evenings playoff game (as you can see from the picture).

The Comments

Doug Jones

I like that cool vest with matching sox… I would think Skeeter would be a big fan of the Blue Sox. I like their cheer…. “argyles will sock ‘em”

Don Jones

I think Skeeter would make a great fundraising mascot for some down and out group… Hey. a down and out group… like us brothers! Skeeter Jones we’re down and we’re blue. Must have been born tired I guess.

Doug Jones

We watched the Wallace and Gromit movie this weekend… really fun! You need to see this on the big screen. I think Skeeter must be from the movie… there were rabbits everywhere, and the lady had these LIPS. Skeeter has the SAME lips… hmmm…..

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