Survivor: Guatemala

October 18, 2005


This seasons Survivor television show is being played out in the jungles of Guatemala amidst ancient Mayan ruins. In episode three there was a basketball type challenge. The reason they did this is because the Mayans used to play “Pok-Ta-Pok”… a brutal form of modern day basketball.

This reminded me of a job I did in the early nineties for my buddy Joe Bohrer.

The project was for a new line of tennis shoes from LA Gear. Joe came up with this great marketing idea about an awesome ancient Mayan basketball team called EarthMonsters. This is the comic book we did to promote the new product.

By the way… Joe was just on HGTV building one of his utopia chairs. You can take a look at it on the HGTV website.

The Comments

Don Jones

That is some good stuff. Seems like the last time I saw some EarthMonster stuff was on a clearance rack in a Branson outlet store. Seems like it was headbands. WIsh I had bought some of that merchandise…

Doug Jones

It looks like those ancient Mayans were also into steroids. Hey, Don if you are back in Branson pick me up an EarthMonster buff… OK?

Dennis Jones

…yes Doug, I believe you are right about the steroids… in fact, I think this guys name is Uncle Roid…

Doug Jones

ah… that’s nice to know… at least American athletes didn’t start the trend… they were just copying the ancient Mayan jocks

Dennis Jones

… I just got back from the dentist and boy did I HIT THE JACKPOT!!… a cracked back molar, an abscessed root… and yes, thats right… I won a brand spankin’ new ROOT CANAL!! …this is indeed my lucky day… I can hardly wait for the festivities to begin……

Doug Jones

but when they are through, they will give you a new toothbrush… makes it all worthwhile!

Dennis Jones

…I know… it’s a win/win situation!

Don Jones

That’s great Den. Once you get that extreme mouth makeover you’ll be set for the holidays. Ask for extra pain killers. Do you remember our first tag-team visit to the dentist and between us we had about 47 cavities? The rotting wonder of sugar is amazing stuff. Hey Hoss… don’t floss! (I just made that little slogan up there for the Brother Jones visitors.)

Dennis Jones

…Don I think you should open up another one of our Brother Jones web stores dedicated exclusively to that inspirational and motivational floss slogan you just came up with…

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