BACK IN BLACK and white

September 16, 2005


As Old Picture Week comes to a close, we present this classic 70’s shot, (taken by Brother Doug), of the little brothers hanging out in Dons car.

Dad always used to say Don whipped around the corner in front of his barber shop on two wheels.

I seem to remember whenever Don took a corner too fast in that Volkswagen, the drive belt on the engine would fly off, he would pull off to the side of the road, and have to stretch the belt back up onto the engine to get going again.

Man, that was one sweet ride.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I’m looking at that thing above Den’s right shoulder… is that one of those knobs on the steering wheel like Grandpa used to have on his car? The original “power steering?”

Don Jones

I’m commentless here…

Nick Jones Everybody

I love this picture except for Don looking like he just stepped out of Clockwork Orange…

Don Jones

Kel thinks I sort of look Amish here.

Don Jones

I remember what you’re thinking of here Den… the throttle flywheel would flip and rev the motor to FULL THROTTLE which was treacherous when you engaged the clutch. I would pull over and flip it back to the somewhat normal treacherous position.


Looks like modern day version of Sundance. (see pic on weblink)

Dennis Jones

…once again, Don… if I cant exactly remember all the details to a story, NOT A PROBLEM… I just fill in the blanks with whatever is needed to bring the story to a conclusion… you know… it’s just the internet…


Hey Don, you look like one of the players in that old 70’s band, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show.

Dennis Jones

…you can tell here he is hoping to make the cover of the Rollin’ Stone…

Don Jones

Can we just give this photo a rest? I am defenseless here… My wife thinks I’m part Amish, my sons give me grief on the lack of a haircut… and Megan is ashamed to be seen with me now.

Dennis Jones

I say any photo that we have hair in is a good photo!

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