Grandma’s Table

September 14, 2005


Well, since my somewhat factually challenged article yesterday on Grandma’s nicknames created such a stir, I think I’ll make up another one today.

Here we are sitting down for a meal at Grandma’s house in Walnut Grove.

Can you spot little Tubby? He is the one keeping an eye on Grandpa’s coffee cup and saucer hoping for leftovers.

The Comments


I see a cheese smile theme here. Did you and Don practice this pose in the mirror together?

Don Jones

The big grins are symptomatic of a well-adjusted and enjoyable childhood. (and the fact that we probably just smoked some of Grandpa’s grape vines.)

Doug Jones

For the last time… PASS THE GRAVY! …and the biscuits …and the Folger’s….

Dennis Jones

…good to the last drop… the gravy that is…


… good until you drop.

Doug Jones

hey… when I was in grade school… I used to read a comic book called Tubby… do either of you remember that?

Don Jones

I remember the comic NANCY. It was awesome.

Dennis Jones

…if I remember Mom’s story correctly, that is, in fact, the character Grandma nicknamed Don after…

Dennis Jones

Tubby… not Nancy…


The youth of the brother’s trio appears to be easily distracted, while the more mature always seems focused (or is that bored?).

uncle si

this is my relations? why is my picture not in here?

Don Jones

‘Cause, Uncle Si … you were wise enough to move out of state.

Lynn Grantham

Do you actually remember this? That is “me” between you guys, right?

Dennis Jones

Yes Lynn, I do believe that is you… and you are obviously dreaming about one day owning a Triumph Spitfire…

Lynn Grantham

Ah yes, the spitfire, I remember it well. But first there was the Opel Cadet… wait that died on you, ooops…

Dennis Jones

HEY… that Opel was one fine little automobile… until I ran the transmission out of it… I left it sitting on the side of the road in Nashville, bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle and rode it back home to Missouri… the summer of 77 if I remember right…

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