Championship Mojo

August 16, 2005


What you have heard is true… NFL Championships follow me wherever I go. It doesn’t seem to matter how bad the team is when I arrive in the state, it becomes good when I get there… and then it wins the Super Bowl.

I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks and during that time the Kansas City Chiefs went to two Super Bowls, thanks, (of course), to the fact that I grew up in the state during that time. As you can see, the Dennis Jones Championship Mojo was kicking in even at this early age. I left the state and the Chiefs have never returned to the big game. Sorry Chiefs.

I moved to the Dallas/Ft Worth area the year the Cowboys fired Tom Landry. During my first season in Texas, that team won only one game and lost fifteen. Three Super Bowl wins later I decided it was time for me to move on. I had done about all I could do for the Cowboys. The team fell apart when I left the state. Sorry Dallas.

When we moved to Indiana, the Colts were another one win, fifteen loss team. Anyone that pays attention to football knows how much I have improved the team since moving into the state. Is this the year the Colts move past New England to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

I believe my track record speaks for itself.

The Comments

Don Jones

I was all pumped for some Monday Night Preseason football last night… but to no avail. I ended up watching The Titans movie deal. I took a straw vote and you’re out of the Hall of Fame. Did you notice our draft is set for a week after the season starts?

Dennis Jones

hmmm… no I didn’t… thats different… but I still like the way there is a playoff at the end…

Doug Jones

I need some help… can one of you send me a cheat sheet? I need to climb outta the cellar this year…

Dennis Jones

Hey… I already told you Rex Grossman would be a great pick up for your team THIS season… he’s supposed to be the next Brett Favre…

Don Jones

I believe you can just let the AUTO DRAFTER kick in for you Douger and you’ll get the best players available according to their cheat sheets… I’m going with it. No use wasting any brain power on this… Dennis always wins anyhow. NFL Football is his Jones.

Dennis Jones

I’m using the Auto-Drafter… all I ever do is take the next highest guy on the list anyway… why not let the computer do all the work and then we can gripe, complain and blame the darn computer for our inevitable upcoming league failures…

Don Jones

It’s sort of an auto fantasy football league… no cost, no thinkin’, no problem. What fun!

Dennis Jones

…pretty much the same reasons I watch tv…

Doug Jones

I was going to auto draft all along… just trying to get some chatter going…. We could just flip a coin and see who wins the season. That’d be even more better!

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