Garden Update 9/1/05

September 1, 2005


Because (ahem) SOME PEOPLE (doug n don) are complaining about my fascinating dog picture page being up too long, I am now posting an equally fascinating page with pictures from my gourd garden.

The top shot is a vine full of minis… the other a long necker…




The Comments

Doug Jones

GOOD GOLLY BUM!!! how tall is that thing?!

Doug Jones

I foresee a gourd animal here. You have a lot of material for legs… many legs….

Doug Jones

hey… you do a very nice presentation of photos. I like that matching green background with drop shadows…I need to take some lessons.

Dennis Jones

…that bottom gourd is about five feet tall… it would have been taller, but it hit the ground…

Don Jones

Don’t they use these in Indiana to test your parallel parking?

Don Jones

I have to agree with Douger here… your presentation is top knotch.

Don Jones

And also, thanks for getting those pyscho dog images off there… I won’t be tensing up as much now… but then again, that 5-foot gourd is quite intimidating.

Dennis Jones

I like the nice pattern we are making today with the three color-one color-three color-one color comment blocks…


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