The Online Store

August 4, 2005


Perhaps I should comment on my little online store that mysteriously just appeared one day.

It is a work in progress.

The reason I put a shop up was because a school in San Diego contacted me and wanted some posters. I dont have a warehouse full of inventory, so all I could offer them was a custom product produced via the internet. This tends to be a bit more expensive, but at least a product can be made available this way.


…check out the prices and if there is a piece of my art you would like to have in poster or print form, let me know and I will try to make it available to you there.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Huh… when I try to draw a house, it usually ends up looking just like this! Nice job of shameless promotion, by the way! Does your superstore have a little snack area?

Dennis Jones

I would love to have an entire house built like this…

Don Jones

Seems if I remember right… some of your construction structures ended up looking like this Den. That play structure you built at your lake home in Kimberling was one unique piece. Many incongruent angles like your Super Store here

Dennis Jones

hmmm… yes, you are right… I had that custom play structure all figured out on paper… bought the material… assembled all sides together on the ground… but did not factor in the weight of each section… there was no way for me to lift these 12 foot high sections into the air and assemble them all by myself… so I finally just leaned all the sides against each other and bolted them together at the top… it truly was… one custom… deal…

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