Holy Batman, Cow!

August 3, 2005


Doug posted some shots of downtown Nashville on his site today. Here is a shot of the skyscrapers in downtown Huntington, Indiana where I live.

The Comments

Don Jones

Alright the building looks like it has Aztec markings of some sort. It’s a friendly enough looking place… Are those parking meters?


Nice picture Dennis – what’s the feature movie showing?

Dennis Jones

I think we just got a new one… “Gone with the Wind”…

Dennis Jones

Don… unfortunately, those are not Aztec markings… I fear they are UFO markings… go here for the rest of the story

Doug Jones

I zoomed in on that marquee and saw that it’s a double feature. The second film is Billy Jack. I’m on my way. Buy me some popcorn… I’ll be there ASAP.

Dennis Jones


Doug Jones

Thats a fun little game. It took me a while to ever start hitting anything. I finally used the FORCE and got 10 of those pesky aliens. How many can you hit?

Billy Jack

I’m gonna take my right foot, and hit you on the right side of your face, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it…


I’m terrible at this game, but it’s fun – beats work anyway. Sounds like the Galactic Empire is surveying Huntington for its next invasion site. You guys should probably call Mel Gibson; he’s been through this before.

Doug Jones

If you get any unusual lightning storms… run for cover… the aliens are coming. At least that’s how War of the Worlds started.

Dennis Jones

I am wearing my aluminum foil anti-alien hat as we speak…

Doug Jones

Good thinking, Den… I think wearing SocMo pants would also help repel them… you KNOW they are after your Krispy Kremes…

Dennis Jones

…unfortunately, Mary did not send me a pair of Socmo anti-alien pants…

Don Jones

I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm here in Denver yeow. The end is near

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