$25,000 BroJo Grant

May 25, 2005


After being awarded a $25,000 Brother Jones Grant for a new FRONT PORCH BIRD RESERVE and SECURITY SYSTEM at yesterdays Online Bored Meeting, I would now like to show you how the money is being spent.

This is a bush in front of my garage that I was supposed to trim up on Saturday… but on closer inspection it seems I will need to push this project off to a later date… as I have done with so many others.

Would not want to disturb grant money in action.

The Comments

Don Jones

Looks like you have regular bird farm and sanctuary going up there Dennis… bring those eggs down to the Branson bash and we’ll fry ‘em up and serve ‘em up with bacon.

Doug Jones

Our bird season is ahead of yours here in BrotherJones South. We have wrens living in the garage and today there were baby birds hopping around. They like to poop on things in the garage… I’m glad they are checking out.

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