A Community Service

April 6, 2005


The Huntington County Chapter of the Indiana Socks Without Mates Support Group will be meeting all this month at my house on the edge of the bed. We are happy to open our home up to this worthy cause. Please keep the light blue sock on your prayer list. It is particularly distressed about the loss of its mate.

The Comments

Don Jones

This gets me excited. Finally we are opening up the Brother Jones website for worthy causes. Hey Dennis, I bet you can take a portion of your bedroom off your taxes since you’re running a non-profit sock ministry in there… great thinking my brother. I just finished reading Les Miserables, and I can’t figure out which of the characters is Les.

Dennis Jones

I noticed the yellow sock was very confrontational during the last group session… we may need to have an intervention for it…

Megan Jones

Hey Dennis you should keep some of those socks to make a whole bunch of sock monkeys!

Don Jones

I can tell of few of these socks have attended church quite a few times… they appear to be somewhat holy.

Dennis Jones

I think that red and green one is a holiday sock who lost its mate around Christmas… how could a sock that looks like that get lost?

Dennis Jones

HEY… did Megan sneak Socmo onto my page!?

Doug Jones

Interesting… but SocMo has a sock collection that is IDENTICAL to yours! Hmmmm…

Megan Jones

I didn’t sneak Socmo on the page! I think Mandy did it!

Don Jones

Looks like the Support Group has turned into a full fledged SocMo convention.

Dennis Jones

Sock monkeys just seem to have a real empathy for this kind of support group for some odd reason…

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