Back From Romania

July 25, 2005


I have been in Romania for the last couple of weeks. About forty other Americans and I went to six different villages to help with church work there. The Romanian people were so gracious to us. They made us feel very welcome. It was good to be with them. I notice that I am still speaking in short sentences. I am still talking as if an interpreter is going to translate for me.

The only real problem I encountered while there was the size of the coffee cups at the hotel we were lodged in. They were very small. At home I drink out of a Starbucks coffee mug that is the size of a small barrel. I knew the first day I was in trouble. There was no way I could consume enough coffee in these tiny tea cups to fight off the inevitable caffeine withdrawal mega headache that was undoubtedly headed my way.

The coffee was in a pump top decanter with a little tap on the front. I considered bending down and putting my mouth under the spicket and draining the coffee straight into my mouth while no one was looking. Fortunately, I restrained myself. While this may be perfectly acceptable at a Jones family gathering it was probably not the impression we want to leave the Romanian people of an American.

(It is difficult to explain to someone living in another country the difference between a normal American and a Brother Jones American with an impending caffeine withdrawal headache).


…that I am aware of…

(unlike the unfortunate Morocco situation from a few years ago) but we wont talk about that right now.

I took a lot of pictures while in Romania. You can see a few of my favorites in my Portfolio Section.

The Comments

Doug Jones

maybe you should have used one of those big blue jugs in your photo for a coffee mug. I bet you could have taken one of them away from that kid pretty easy…. welcome back!

Don Jones

Fantastico! Glad to hear you got yourself detoxed off coffee while in Romania. What a novel idea… breaking from the evil clutches of caffiene by utilizing smaller and smaller cups. Brilliant man! I’m sure much good was done in Romania. Did your yard and garden turn a rich, crisp, crunchy sepia tone while you were away?

Dennis Jones

We had the boy from next door water for us while we were gone… the grass totally took over our vegetable garden… It now looks like we just planted a bunch of corn, tomatoes and misc other plants in the middle of our yard…

Don Jones

Our garden looks like that too and we didn’t go anywhere.

Dennis Jones

I think you and I are due for a little Plein Air Weed Pullin’…

Don Jones

Excellent idea shall we stay cool in our weed pullin’ Speedos?

Jennifer Ray (Romania team member)

That sounds like a bad idea. Weed pullin speedos? There would be car accidents as people drove by! Just kidding. Dennis… it was so great to get to know you. I hope we will meet again. Let us know when the bible will be out ok!

Dennis Jones

Hi Jennifer! Good to hear from you! Hope your flight back home was not too bad. If you spend much time on this web site you will see that all the weird, weed pullin’ speedo comments come from my two wacky brothers, NOT ME… I, of course, am the only mature, responsible adult that participates in the festivities here…

…of course, if I actually were a mature, responsible adult I probably wouldn’t be participating on this site at all… so… never mind..

I think that Bible is due out in October… Good meeting you in Romania…

Jennifer Ray

If we were mature adults I think life would be boring. The flight to Atlanta was ok. I had (still do) a cold so my ears got blocked really bad. I’m starting to feel better. I pray your trip was good. Your family is so awesome. It was so neat to get to work with you all. There is so much talent in your family. You need to bottle that and sell it! I look forward to spending time on your web site. I know my husband Chris and Casey have both enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the Bible. Also, we would like to know who has ALL of the pictures from Romania. We want to send some cd’s to get the pictures. I have the one the leaders got, but I know there is more. We didn’t get any of the group pictures. Well, I’m going to bed! Nite

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