Classic Art

April 25, 2005


I came across this fine example of early Dennis Jones artwork over the weekend.

I don’t know exactly what to say about it other than I think perhaps I might be needing some… well… professional help.

Maybe the junior psychiatrists in the BrotherJones Web Family (and you know who you are) can help me out with a bit of psychoanalysis.

Just take it easy on the psycho part of the analysis because I think this picture indicates I have been teetering precariously close to the edge for quite some time now.

The Comments

Doug Jones

It looks like at some point you got hungry and took a bite out of your paper. I guess we were all out of Mayonaise sandwiches.

Dennis Jones

DOUG! Don’t be tellin’ all our family secrets… people will think we are weird if they find out we grew up eating mayonnaise sandwiches…

Doug Jones


Don Jones

I think I see some LION KING images here. I say we can gear up for a Disney infringement lawsuit with this particular drawing document in our hands. I really like the drinking, corn cob pipe smoking guy in the bottom right corner. In fact, the majority of these characters are smokin’ and drinkin’.


Are you crazy or what? It is totally clear he was drawing about San Fermn Fiesta in Spain .. and actually, he did the drawings while totally drunk there!!

Doug Jones

Hmmm… Dennis did disappear for a day when he was 6, but I never knew he went to Spain.

Dennis Jones

Yep… that was one wild weekend of corncob pipe smokin’ and chocolate milk drinkin’…

Dennis Jones

Rufus Wainwright has a song called Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk that is pretty good…

Don Jones

I’m seeing it… it’s Denny running with the bulls…


Looks like Grandpa Floyd’s corn cob pipe.

Doug Jones

uncle Roy checks in… Woo Woo! That big guy in the right corner seems to be holding up one of grandpa’s little tobacco sacks. I always liked those little sacks with the draw strings. He also looks like he has 4 pieces of duct tape on him.

Dennis Jones

We cousins spent many a Sunday afternoon in Walnut Grove hollowing out corncobs and grapevines and constructing pipes to smoke Grandpa’s crabgrass with…

Doug Jones

…but nobody knew about it cause they were all playin ROOK…

Don Jones

Or napping in the front yard… let’s see first post-lunch naps… THEN the card table was broken out for the ROOK games.


I though you guys smoked grape vines.

Dennis Jones

Smoking grape vines was always a last resort option… corn cob pipes… now that was the way to go… we just wanted to smoke a pipe on the front porch like Grandpa did…

Don Jones

All I wanted to do was bang my pipe on the side of the house.

Nicolai the Great

????? ?? socmo ?? ????? ??? ??????.

Nick Jones Everybody

ahh man that didn’t work…. anyway, I was looking at the picture and I think…… THAT’S SOCMO IN AN EARLY DENNY JONES PIECE! He’s on the bottom second from the right. He’s wearing a jacket, but don’t let that fool you, it’s him alright.

Don Jones

I’m sure glad you used archival quality newsprint as a youngster Den. These should last forever.

Sigmund Freud

Where to begin…

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