Fire Hydrant

April 11, 2005


Here is a picture I took, and this is my journal article for the week. I hope you enjoyed it.

The Comments

Doug Jones

That reminds me of my skin in the winter… except for the color.

Dennis Jones

Doug, I am nominating that last comment of yours for the coveted, “Most Disgusting Comment Of The Year” Award. Dont forget that the Jonesey Awards Extravaganza will be held this June on TableRock Lake near Branson, Missouri. Formal attire is suggested in case you win a Jonesey for this. Good Luck!

Doug Jones

This gives me an idea! We could have a BrotherJones photo contest. It would work like this. We each would take a picture of something in our own yard and post it on the same day… at the same time. Then have folks vote for their favorite. See who wins. whaddaya think?

Don Jones

I’m likin’ that idea Douger… Pick a day and lets SHOOT for it.

Dennis Jones

I’m in… get ready to eat my dirt, chumps…

Doug Jones

Great! Sounds like it is a GO! How about posting a picture Wednesday (tomorrow) morning. It has to be shot IN YOUR YARD… of whatever you want. Do we need an officia posting time?

Doug Jones

officia… that must be a little Italian lingo…. meaning official

Dennis Jones

…how about 9:00 am central time…

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