Go For The Bargain!

April 7, 2005


So you go online to the i-Tunes Music Store and buy ten songs at a dollar apiece and each of those songs is approximately three and a half minutes long. You just got yourself thirty-five minutes of music for ten bucks. Not bad but you could do better…

Next time try using the Brother Jones Method of purchasing products. Look for the bargain! Get the really long songs! Here is a list I would suggest

(1)I Know Your Out There Somewhere (Moody Blues) 6:38
(2)Layla (the original version) (Cream / Eric Clapton) 7:05
(3)Long Time (Boston) 7:46
(4)Beginnings (Chicago) 7:52
(5)Dance With me George (Ambrosia) 7:53
(6)Major Tom (extended version) (Peter Schilling) 8:05
(7)Long Way (Little River Band) 8:46
(8)Song For America (Kansas) 9:05
(9)Grey Day (Jesse Colin Young) 11:20
(10)Free Bird (live version) (Lynyd Skynyrd) 13:41

Using the Brother Jones Method of buying music you have just purchased an hour and a half of music with the same ten dollars! You have almost tripled the amount of music you originally had by simply getting the longest songs available.

Who cares if you don’t like any of the music you just bought… YOU GOT A BARGAIN!

The Comments

Dennis Jones

May I also suggest “Bad Time” by the Jayhawks… it only runs 3:27… but I really like that song…

Doug Jones

I always liked the “Bit ‘O Honey” song by Pete Jones. “Deerslayer Blues” and “Alizarin Crimson” are also favorites. When will these be available on the podcast? Oh, and then there is the classic “Begonji Boy” and smelly pirate song…. all great tunes… Will these be downloadable on iJones?

Don Jones

Yes indeed my music lover brothers. In fact, other classics such as “Get off the stove Grandma, You’re too old to wear hot pants”, along with that old sheep herder’s love song “I’ll never find another ewe” will all be queued up and ready for download on the upcoming Brother Jones Podcast page. We are currently trying to acquire additional bandwidth for these massive downloads. Stay tuned

Don Jones

One more item – my good friend John Tesh said the best BLUES album ever was Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. I looked it up on iTunes and it fit the Brother Jones Tune purchase profile the shortest tune is 9:22 and the longest is All Blues, 11:32. A great $9.99 buy for over an hours worth of blooze.

the Lama

I thought for sure we would hear from Cheap Gene on this post.

Cheap Gene

OK, OK! No more borrowing everybody’s music and ripping off copies for myself. I’m going straight. It’s the iJones method for me now on! But, maybe Dennis would lend me……

the Lama

Cheap Gene’s automobile is so old, his car insurance policy covers theft, fire, and Indian raids.


Come December, Cheap Gene starts dreaming of a tight Christmas.

Remington J. Bradford

Gentlemen: I am counsel on retainer for the honorable Mr. Cheap Gene. We take an extremely dim view of the aforesaid slander upon his personage. The party of the first part, being myself, will continue to monitor this situation. Sincerely yours, Remington J. Bradford, Esq., LLD, PDQ, IOU

Kyle Jones

Well, my favorite song is over just over 17 minutes long. Ive listened to it probobly over 100 times. Thats a lot of my life. A lot of my life.. well spent.

Dennis Jones

OK Kyle, I’ll bite… what song is it?

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