Gourd Week Day One

May 2, 2005


Having been proclaimed Grand Master Poo-Bah of the Brother Jones Web Site recently at Jonesclave I do now hereby and officially proclaim this, the first week in May… BROTHER JONES GOURD WEEK.

We shall celebrate this grand week with the showing of new gourds each and every day and with the official naming of and commenting apon of each of these gourd creations in kind.

The Comments

Don Jones

First off Den, I would like to go on record saying your presentation of material lately has been nothing but remarkable. Nice shadows, camera lens flares and color combinations. To me this particular gourd could possibly be a traffic signal light from Middle-earth. Its single yellow light beckons all not to slow down.. but to speed up

Dennis Jones

SELLLL…eh…brate gourd times, COME ON…



Dennis Jones

I kinda thought this might bring Mandy out of retirement…

Doug Jones

Looks like that Dremel got a few more miles put on it lately.

Mr Grammar

apon? apon? do you mean upon?

Dennis Jones

Ya know Mr. Grammar… I looked at that… and looked at it and looked at it some more but just could not figure out what was wrong with it… and now that you have commented on it I feel obliged to leave it as is… rats…

Mrs. Grammer

For those of you using Safari, try my magic tool:Spell Check. You can find it in Edit > Spelling.

Dennis Jones

I sense we are overlooking an important part of the Gourd Week Celebration… the official NAMING of the gourds… right now they have creative names like “P1010029.JPG”… and “Gourd 3”… I’m needing a little help here with some creative names for these things…

Doug Jones

I name this one “Bigfoot”

College kid

Is that a bong?

Dennis Jones

no dude… it’s justa gourd… …with legs



In my post above I referenced being elected Grand Master PooBah of Brother Jones. That happened over on big brother Doug’s page. At the time a Papal Conclave was taking place and not being Catholics, the whole idea of white smoke to indicate a newly elected Pope was exotic and interesting to us… as you can see from Doug’s page below.


April 19, 2005



FATICAN CITY- The eyes of the world are focused this week on the International Headquarters of the BrotherJones empire. The media and paparazzi have been running wild. Reporters have been trying to get an inside scoop on the final outcome of the voting. Bribery always seems to work at BrotherJones headquarters, but no news has leaked out so far.

A gasp arose from the huge crowd as thick, black smoke came billowing out of the chimney. However, this just indicated that the BrotherJones industrial strength espresso machine had kicked into high gear. Another gasp was heard as the black smoke was followed by white smoke… indicating a round of cigars had been broken out. As the days wore on, the anticipation heightened.

Suddenly, pink smoke started streaming out of the chimney… and windows… and doors… indicating that Dennis had been elected the Grand Master Poo-Bah Potentate for the coming year.

The crowd went wild. News bulletins flashed around the world. The Jones brothers took a nap.

The Comments

Don Jones

We are smokin’ now I believe that photo simply shows our pink corporate BrotherJones couch being torched.

Dennis Jones

yes, perhaps my dear brother… but I am still The Grand Master Poo-Bah Potato… potentate… po… whatever…

Dennis Jones

…and as the Grand Master Poo-Bah of the Brother Jones Web Site I hearby decree myself the winner of the First Annual Brother Jones Photography Contest.

Doug Jones

You’re lettin this go to your head, Denny.

Dennis Jones

…that comment was out of order… bailiff… please remove brother Doug from the room…

Don Jones

The bailiff is on a smoke break

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