Gourd Week Day Seven

May 8, 2005


As the closing day fanfare plays softly in the background, it is my hope that you have enjoyed the 2005 Brother Jones GourdFest and Coffee Roast. I also hope you are making plans already to bring a tent and participate with us in person next year.

Perhaps by then we can lower the seven hundred dollar One Day All Access Festival Parking Fee, which kinda put a squelch on our attendance numbers this season.

The Comments

Doug Jones

You seem to be in the business of setting records for BrotherJones.com. First you had the record for going the longest WITHOUT changing your page… Then I think you grabbed the record for most comments on a page… Now you have the record for posting 7 days in a row! What’s next? I will be saving up for the parking fee for next year… if I had bet on the right horse this weekend, I would have the money now. Unfortunately, Stewball came in last.

Dennis Jones

the problem with old Stewball is he never drank water… he only drank wine… go figure…

Doug Jones

If he was drinkin chocolate milk we would have a winner!

Dennis Jones

Stewball is one of my favorite old Peter, Paul, and Mary songs…

Doug Jones

I probably imprinted you as a wee child with my PP&M records

Dennis Jones

yes you did… that and your A M radio tuned into WLS in Chicago every night…

Doug Jones

Art Roberts had a crazy bedtime story each night on WLS… those were the days…

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