Gourd Week Day Three

May 4, 2005


What a week full of festivities we have had. This gourd festival has generated almost as much interest as our recent Brother Jones Photo Contest …almost.

Day three closing ceremonies concluded with the official ceremonial watching of The Amazing Race on the official ceremonial TV.

Don’t forget to make your gourd hats for the big closing day ceremonies this weekend. You would look quite silly if you arrived without one.

The Comments

Don Jones

Sure like this 3-D gourd presentation… it’s depth… its layered levels.. with drop shadows. This would be ideal for our Brother Jones Tribal fire popcorn eatin’ retreats.

Dennis Jones

…the ones where we vote one of our family members outa the tribe?

Doug Jones

We need a good immunity gourd for those Tribal councils. say… is that potpourri I see in this gourd?


Dennis Jones

why, yes… that is potpourri… that was Karen’s contribution to this one…

Doug Jones

Oh… I thought you were a girlyman.

Dennis Jones


Doug Jones

you can’t do nothin’ to me… I have the immunity gourd!

Dennis Jones

oh yeh… well… those c-clamps aren’t going to help you in the next immunity challenge like they did this week… I’ll be ready for them next time…

Don Jones

So what exactly is the process of voting off a Jones family member? Go to designated gourd… take big snort of potpourri… tighten clamp unto ones temples… then draw a circle and write their name down? Sounds exciting…

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