Gourd Week Day Two

May 3, 2005


Gourd Week Opening Day One festivities came to a close last night with the official grilling of hamburgers on the back porch grill. To make it extra special I added a roll of breakfast sausage to the hamburger meat.

(The jury is still out as to how successful that was). It was at least… well… different.

My hope for you is that day two of the Brother Jones Gourd Week Celebration will be just as exciting and memorable as day one was.

The Comments

Doug Jones

This guy looks like he is holding a little green baseball bat. Let’s name him Mark… or Barry… is he into steroids?

Don Jones

That lid is awesome looking… what sort of wainscoting is running up the lid?

Dennis Jones

well… ya got me on that one, Don… I dont know what wainscoting is…

Don Jones

In a house, it would be the wood that runs up about 3 foot on an interior wall… on this gourd, I was referring to whatever is running up along the lid

Dennis Jones

oh… ok… I cut vertical slots in the top and then wove leather lacing in and out of the slots to get that woven basket look…

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