Indiana Gourd Raft

June 2, 2005


The Comments

Don Jones

You all floating down the Mississippi here? I’m not sure but I don’t think it hooks up with Table Rock Lake.

Dennis Jones

…you serious about that, Clark?

Kyle Jones

Those are some massive barnacles….

Dennis Jones

Hey… those are fancy art gourds…

Ima Observant

That can’t be the Jones Brothers in that picture not enough reflection on the top side.

marcelo from Brasil!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! i was taking a look at Dons jornal yeasterday and i found a drawing that he made like 20 years ago. Dennis , would you show us some drawing that you have made when you were yonger? i would love to see that!!!!
Abrao pra todos!!!

June 6, 2005

Hi Marcelo… well… I have moved around the country quite a bit in the last 25 years and I am not sure where my old sketch books are, but I will look around for them and if I can find anything I will post some stuff up for you. Thanks for the idea.

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