Rocket Boys

March 30, 2005


Several years ago I read a really great book named Rocket Boys. A few years later a movie was made from it called October Sky. The movie was good, but the book was special.

On one of my recent marathon road trips to Oklahoma and back, I pulled over to take a break and noticed a place that was selling library books for a buck apiece. Low and behold, there were two Rocket Boy companion books on the table. I didn’t know there were companion books. I snatched them up and got busy reading the first one, The Coalwood Way.

Sequels never seem to live up to the originals, but this one certainly did. It was like reading the next several chapters of the first book. I finished it and am currently plowing through the last one called Sky of Stone.

If you like to read, I would suggest these biographies of the life and times of Homer H. Hickam… Rocket Boy.

Not to be confused with Dennis G. Jones… Weasel Boy.

The Comments

Don Jones

Dennis You are a Homeboy Hick Man! Everyone knows us Jones boys don’t read a lick… Tell the truth, those was books on tape you purchased now wasn’t it? You gotta listen to something when you got mucho miles to travel and a dozen glazed orbs to ingest.

Dennis Jones

No those were NOT books on tape… they were REAL books… I propped one up on the steering wheel, had a donut on both thumbs, and read while driving back from SchoonerLand…


October Sky re-arranged is Rocket Boys… if you wanted to know… (peace)

Dennis Jones

…thats pretty cool… is there a story behind that, or is it just an interesting oddity?

Doug Jones

Dang! I didn’t know Denny could read…

Dennis Jones

Sheesh!… you guys know I have a 9th grade diploma… whatta ya thinkin…

Doug Jones

Yeah, but I thought you got yours over the internet like I did.

Don Jones

I ordered myself a P.H.d for a mere $49.95. Should be here next week and I should be practicin’ by mid-April. RX R us.

Dennis Jones

$49.95… boy did you get ripped off… I got mine for $6.95 at Big Lots…

Dennis Jones

…it is exciting to see that soon I will be Podcasting… uhm… now is that where you bait your fishing hook with a bean of some sort?

Don Jones

That’s real close Den You get yourself a Radio Shack Mike-er-afone and plug it into a hole in your computer box and start talking. And make sure your talking in an entertaining fashion. It’s just that simple!

Dennis Jones

I’m sure my lightning fast DIAL UP connection will work real good with this…

Don Jones

You must save up and swap in that tin-can-string-system you got up there in Indie.

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