Star Wars?

May 27, 2005


I have not seen the new Star Wars movie yet. Is it anything like this?

The Comments

Dennis Jones

..featuring Doug Skywalker, Obe Den Kanobe, and Dons Solo?

Don Jones

Nothing worse than back seat drivers. It appears Chewy is trying really hard to ignore the three of us by staring out the window. Guess we should’ve brushed our teeth or something

Marcelo from Brasil!!!!!!

Hey guys…im pretty sure that if George lucas have seem it he would put you as co-stars of the last movie…that by the way, was much better tham the first two movies…all that CG tecnologies dont match those hand-made X-wings …and the real master yoda made of foam !!!!!
there is a starwars made with vegetables. is very funny!!! abrao pra todos !!!!!

Don Jones

I love it when the Brazilians post-up

Don Jones

I just visited the stats in the website basement archive and apparently 2 percent of our current 56,000 unique visitors are from Brazil. That’s about 1,120 folks.

Dennis Jones

Marcelo, that Star Wars parody is pretty funny… here it is…

Dennis Jones

HEY… how did Jedi Master Socmo get in the back seat! The force is strong with this web page.

Don Jones

Store Wars is fantastico. Reassures me to know the organic raised beef we buy up at Nixa Hardware (really) is the right choice.

Dennis Jones

…do you remember that little Star Wars flash film from Dude Studios where they call each other “dude” all the way thru?

Don Jones

I don’t dude.

Keegan Jones

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Star Dudes. There is nothing that can beat it.

Jake Walden

Such realism, as if to scream, “Suuuuuue Meeeeee!”


Did anyone see the Frankenstein reference? EEERRRR!!!! Fire BAAADDDD!!!!!!

Doug Jones

I think I was busy at the time of this posting and intended to get back to it later…. THIS is later! Hey… that Store Wars is one great little parody! Thanks for reminding me of it!

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