Tyson Down In Sixth

June 15, 2005


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson sinks to the canvas after being pushed down by Socmo Jones of Missouri in the sixth round.

Tyson plans to leave the US and seek happiness with missionary work after ending a controversial 20-year boxing career that saw him win and lose a fortune but seldom find joy.

Socmo Jones plans to invest his winnings in a speculative gourd farming venture located somewhere in northeast Indiana.

The Comments

Don Jones

SocMo has one awesome uppercut… and is full of joy unlike Mike.

Doug Jones

of course… being a Jedi Master also helps out a lot in the boxing ring

Doug Jones

is this thing working? testing… 1… 2 … 3

Dennis Jones

Hey… Just checking in… a million things going on… took Pete to have his wisdom teeth taken out this morning… trying to catch up on work all afternoon… gotta go mow the grass now…

Don Jones

We must be on the same grass mowing level. After a couple of days of rain this past week, the grass down here is really growing… I fired up the Craftsman today as well.

Doug Jones

would you believe Erin is just back from getting her 4 wisdom teeth removed? all went well… looks like it will be a low key weekend.

Dennis Jones

…with plenty of mush to eat!

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