Breaking News

March 18, 2005


Some of baseball’s biggest players told Congress Thursday that steroids are a problem for the sport but denied there is widespread use of them. Mark McGwire, choked back tears at times, and repeatedly refused to say if he took the roids when he was salvaging the sport’s popularity with his home run race with Sammy Sosa. Except for admitted steroid user SocMo Jones, the five other players repeatedly ducked pointed questions on the subject.

The Comments

Doug Jones

SocMo Jones has never used stereos. He prefers to listen to the basic AM mono radio broadcasts. As you can see, SocMo was still under the influence of Mountain Dew during the hearings. This may have caused him to admit to doing things that he has really never done… like use stereos.

Dennis Jones

I really dont see why congress had to go and make such a big fuss about stereo usage in the first place… I’ll admit it, I use stereos…

Don Jones

I recognize that tie! SocMo has once again helped himself to my wardrobe. Moochin’ juiced-up monkey.


hey put socmo in google and you are the first name

Dennis Jones

well… is the place to go for all the latest breaking news on SocMo… maybe the only place to go…

Don Jones

From the size of SocMo there, I’d hate to meet up with him in a dark alley

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