Vinyl to Digital

March 21, 2005


Last Wednesday the illustration class from Huntington College came to my studio to see what a real live illustrator looks like. Ken Hopper, their professor, says it’s a lot like taking the kids to the zoo to look at the animals. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of comment that was…

While here, Ken noticed my record collection and mentioned he was converting his wifes collection to digital. Since it was raining on Saturday again and I was stuck inside I thought I would do the same thing. I have hundreds of records and thousands of songs I never listen to because they are trapped on vinyl platters.

Many years ago my son Nick came into my studio while I had a record playing on the turntable (he was probably a 6th grader at the time). He walked over to it, stared at it in amazement and let out a long, low “WOAHhhh… you can actually see it spinning… can you play the other side, too?”

The photo above is my studio and that is where I sat all weekend trying to figure out computer music recording.

The Comments

Doug Jones

It looks like you’ve got a bunch of gourds crying out for a makeover there, Clark!

Don Jones

Dennis, I will pay good money for a tweeked up digital version of the Isle of View album by Jimmy Spheeris. And if I get some Batdorf & Rodney… there’s even more Jacksons in it for you

Don Jones

I just searched for that Jimmy Spheeris album and the cheapest I could find it was for $169! Mint condition brings $200… collectible no doubt.

Don Jones

Apparently Jimmie was hit on his motorcycle by a drunk driver 20 years ago. Therefore, everything is out of print

Don Jones

Scratch that request Dennis I just picked up the Isle of View album from iTunes. Best $9.90 I have ever spent… Excuse me while I sit back now and reminisce. Do you believe in time travel?

Dennis Jones

Hey Don, do you remember the time you, Karen and I had tickets to the Jimmy Spheeris concert over at Drury College and we showed up and no one was there and we went into the concert hall to see what the deal was and it was empty and someone was up on stage playing the piano and we freaked out because we thought it must be Jimmy but it turned out to just be a music student and the concert had been cancelled? I had forgotten all about that…

Don Jones

I sure do remember- it seems like it was in January or February. I was thinking he got snowed in somewhere and had to cancel.

Elaine Breshears

Wow!! I have Jimmie’s original albums. I loved him so much! I moved out to Washington DC in 1975 (from KC MO) and no one had heard of him. How sad for them! I’m going to iTunes!

Dennis Jones

The night I gave Karen her engagement ring we went to a Jimmy Spheeris concert in Kansas City… she worried the whole time that the diamond was going to fall out and be lost in the crowd… it’s 28 years later and the diamond has STILL not fallen out of her ring…

Don Jones

I didn’t know that- So you DID get to see him? DId he have a band or was it a solo deal?

Dennis Jones

Yep… tight band… good concert…

Dennis Jones

Don, I remember taking you to see your first concert… I think it was Pure Prairie League… when we walked out you said, “Denny, was that a good concert?” …and I said, “it was if you liked it.” Oh, the wisdom of the older brother…

Don Jones

You did indeed but it wasn’t PPL it was STYX at the old McDonald arena.

Dennis Jones

hmmmm… is that the one where the bottle rocket hit you in the head?

guy jennings

1973 jimmy was to play on a boat ride down the connecticut river; as we left the dock someone jumped overboard. the concert was relocated to the famous shaboo in mansfield near stoors a great show prevailed -guy east hampton

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