2004… Whew… Sure Glad That One Is Over

January 9, 2005


Wow, what a work year 2004 was for me. I started a 384 page book job in February with full color illustrations on each page. The due date for the project was December 3, 2004. I don’t know what made me think I could do 384 pieces of art in one year, but I signed my name to the contract and there would be no turning back.

Of course, as I think back on it now, since I started the project in February, and it had a deadline in December, I did not actually have a full year to execute this project. I really only had approximately 10 months to do the 384 pieces of art. That would only be… perhaps… 300 days or so?

Plus I traveled to Europe a couple of times so that would take my work time down to… maybe… 200+ days to do the 384 pieces of art?

Throw in all the mandatory family/ school/ holiday traveling and that would leave what?… maybe… like… perhaps… well… I don’t really know how many days I actually had to complete this book.

(I never was all that good in math. Just another reason to choose funny picture drawing as a career path).

So… it was a pretty poor scenario I faced in 2004. A couple of hundred days to do close to 400 pieces of art in. For virtually an entire year, (if I was in town) I was in my studio, working an average of 14 to 16 hours a day.

During the first several months of this project, stress would pop me out of bed around 4 every morning. I would crank the coffee pot up and then work frantically until around midnight. Then stress would catapult me out of bed the next morning and I would do the same thing again the next day. And then again the next day. And then again the next day. And then again the… well… anyway… you get the idea. I did very little this year but work….

….but I did meet the deadline and the book is currently in production. It will be shipped to the printer sometime during the first half of 2005 with a release date scheduled for later on in the year. The pictures that flash at the top of this page are a kind of sneak preview for the new book. I will post more information on this project as it gets closer to market.

The Comments

Keegan Jones

I’m looking forward to checking out your new book job when it is published! Those flash header images look really good.


I really enjoyed your site and loved the graphics and humour..Very Cool. Keep up the great work =) Hugs Kathy


You borthers are rocking!! 🙂 Keep the creative juices flowing….


Love the website. My brothers are very cool. Can’t wait to see the new Bible.  Brett has just started reading the last one. He told his SS teachers that his uncle Dennis wrote the Bible and there were lots of neat mice back in Jesus’ day.

Dennis Jones

Hi Marsha… always good to see one of the SistersJones strolling thru the site… If I’d have known you were coming I would have picked the place up a bit…

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