Another Quality BrotherJones Moment

February 5, 2005


I gave a phone interview for my new picture Bible last Friday. I believe it was quite possibly the worst telephone interview ever recorded in the history of mankind.

I babbled incoherently for almost 20 minutes. Nothing I said made any sense. Nothing I said even came close to making any sense. I still have no idea what I was talking about, much less the poor guy on the other end of the phone.

The interview is for a CD the publishers will make for their sales people. They will listen to it and get familiar with the new product lines and the personalities behind them. Good luck figuring out what my book is about. I’m even confused about it now.

They assured me they would edit the conversation, put a bed of music under it and fix it up real good before they release it. I am one of ten authors on it. I have a feeling my segment is probably going to run… 17 seconds… tops.

The Comments

Doug Jones

maybe they can lay down a heavy beat underneath about 5 minutes of your talk and release it as a rap song. None of those things are coherent or understandable either. BrotherJones rap music… a great new item for our STORE!

Dennis Jones

ATTENTION ALL RAP FANS… please send all angry comments to the Doug Jones… THATS THE DOUG JONES SECTION of this web site… peace out…

Don Jones

I used to think us Jones Brothers were indecisive, but now I’m not sure.

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