Gourdness Gracious

February 13, 2005


The winters here in northern Indiana can be long and hard. I stay indoors as much as possible because wind chills below zero and several layers of snow on the ground hold little to no appeal for me.

That is why I grow hard shell gourds during the summer.

Yep, I’m a gourd farmer and I live here on my gourd ranch. When the temperatures start falling outside I herd a couple of gourds in out of the corral and start working on them. They end up as all kinds of different… uh… things.

This is one I did last weekend. It looked like green turquoise when I was thru staining it. It is hinged in the back so it can open up. I like the way it seems to be ready to walk away as soon as I turn my back on it.

The Comments


thats a really cool gourd do you ever sell any if you do I WANT ONE


Could this be the second incarnation of the “Phlegm” fantasy football team?

Dennis Jones

hmmm… is does sport the official Phlegm team colors…

D.J. Smith

Do you have to ride a horse when you’re herding gourds? Ever had a stampede of gourds nearly kill you? Everyone sing now…”Rollin, rollin, rollin, get them gourds a rollin, RAW GOURD!!!!!!”

Dennis Jones

Ride a Horse? Are you kidding me… it’s the 21 century… I am high tech… I use my riding lawnmower…

Don Jones

There was a movie about Dennis and his time in THE BIG HOUSE – The Gourdman of Alcatraz.


i really really really want that gourd!!!


Do you have more gourds like this? If you do, you should post your collection online. I want to see them!


what are those little wing/legs made out of?

Dennis Jones

If you dig around on my other site (DJ-ART) you can find some gourds I did when I was first trying to figure out what I could do with them. They are somewhat crude efforts, but you might find them interesting. I will try to get some shots of my more current creations and post them in my portfolio section.

Those legs are made from a kind of particle board called MDF. Joe Bohrer introduced me to it the last time I was in Oklahoma.





Dennis Jones

Hi Mandy… I might be wrong about this, but I kinda think you maybe are hinting to me that you might be interested in buying a gourd? Is that right? Because I’m really not sure if thats what you are wanting or not… unfortunately, my brother Don handles all gourd sells … (it was in the fine print of the BrotherJones website contract) I think you will need to talk to him over on his section… I wish there was something I could do to help, but my Brother Don runs a pretty tight ship…


so don can you get me a gourd


Mandy, Those gourds retail for around 10,000 dollars. If you could post a comment with your credit card and mailing address I can see if I can pull some string. 🙂

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