I Like George

February 8, 2005


I’m a new George Washington fan. Before now he was just the… father of our country-dollar bill guy to me and thats about it. But I have recently been reading a new book called “Under God” and the first story in it is about Washington and let me tell you something… GEORGE WASHINGTON ROCKS!

I found the story I was reading from this book on the internet at the Under God Web Site. You might enjoy reading it, too. It inspired me to do this picture.

The Comments

uncle eddie

looks real good, Clark! I’d like a T-shirt with that picture on it for one of the kids.

David Lee

You have a good looking site. Keegan did a bang up job.

Dennis Jones

Thank you… and as for Keegan… I now proclaim him… BROTHERJONES BOY GENIUS OF THE WEEK! Congratulations Keeg…

D.J. Smith

I think it was said of Eisenhower that as he was about to go to bed would go to a window of the White House, look into the sky and say something to the effect that “I leave it in your hands now.” He knew while he slept the country still needed protection. I might have that completely wrong…makes for a good post anyway. God bless our presidents Repulican or Democratic and God bless America. May we all be “George Washingtons.”

D.J. Smith

What does one have to do to get to see an original Dennis Jones illustration? I mean the real deal; no prints. Your work is just amazing. I want to study under you. Do you ever come to Nashville, Tennessee? We have the Grand Ole Opry, home of Contemporary Christian Music, and we do wear shoes and no, we don’t talk to each other in corn fields and salute our hometown populations like they did on HeeHaw. Come on people…

Dennis Jones

hmmm… thats interesting D.J….. my brother Doug lives in Nashville, doesn’t wear shoes, and always signs off on his e-mails with a great big HEE-HAW… (just one of the reasons I haven’t been down there in a while… that plus the fact he lives out in a cornfield somewhere)…

Doug Jones

I live in the cornfield so them thar revenuers cain’t find me…

D.J. Smith

WAIT…you’re related to THAT Doug Jones! Sweet! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Doug’s work. I guess all this corn gets to you after a while. Is Doug the guy in a souped up Ford going down a dirt road running some of that thar white lightin’? Dennis, I hope y’all come on down for a visit sometime soon. We’ll have a good helpin’ of chitlins, mashed potatos n’ gravy, turnip greens, and pork rhines. We can wash it down with some sweet tea or lemonade. For desert we’ll break out the RC Cola and Moonpies. When can we expect you?

Don Jones

Alright! A Tennessee hillbilly buffet. Count me in. I’m not really overweight, I’m just six inches too short. Pass the pie

Dennis Jones

Wall YEE HAW that sounds mighty fine! Mighty fine indeed!

I drew caricatures at Opryland during my college years… Nashville is a great place…

D.J. Smith

Y’all come now, ya hear? We’ll leave the light on for you. My wife’s a mighty fine cook. She’ll fix up somethin’ that’ll make your brain beat out the top of yo mouth just to see what’s tastin’ so good! I wish I had gotten in on the charicture action at Opryland. I went to David Lipscomb for college and they closed down the park near the end of my college career. Someone from the same company opened a kiosk in Opry Mills, our overblown mall that resides where Opryland used to be. I talked with the folks there about how to develop the skills and eye of the charicturist they worked with. She said there was no “training” but the lady did give me some photocopied book that explains a bunch of stuff but nothing that helped make me a better illustrator. I really would like to expand my illustration skills to a professional level. I’m a partner in a graphic design firm in Brentwood and occasionally get asked to do some illustration work. Some serious, some humorous. I prefer humorous. I was trying to get an illustrator by the name of Travis Foster to help me and he was willing but we never have been able to make a connection to get the ball rolling really. I think I just need a little help to take the talent up a notch. I did have Frank Thomas, one of Walt Disney’s (the man Walt) Nine Old Men, critique one of my illustrations. I’ve been trying. Maybe one day. You guys all have some good stuff. Very inspirational for me. I appreciate it. Sorry to be long-winded. You know us hillbillies. We don’t get company very often and we still just take baths once every full-moon.

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