Utopia Joe

February 3, 2005


I just got back from visiting my oldest son in Oklahoma. While there I had a chance to spend some time with an old friend of mine, Joe Bohrer.

Joe is one of the most imaginative artists I know. I am fascinated with his work and the creative way he goes about making art in general. We spent an afternoon in his shop where he basically gave me a tutorial on how he builds his stuff. It was a great time… and somewhat unusual.

A magician is hesitant to share his own personal tricks with another magician for fear of being ripped off. Artists can be the same way… but not Joe. He was out there showing me all the ins and outs of his trade and encouraging me to go give it a try. I appreciated that a lot.

If you want to see some cutting edge stuff you really need to take a look at Joe’s web site.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Totally AWESOME stuff… can I buy one of them chairs at Wal*Mart?

Don Jones

Does Joe use Dremmels?


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