Flip Video Camera

March 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, my wife gave me a Flip video camera for my birthday. Last weekend our church held it’s 7th annual 5K run, and I thought that might be a good place to figure the camera out.

Uhm… there’s not a whole lot to figure out. Press the red button to start, press the same button to stop. I’m giving this the Official Brother Jones Stamp Of Approval. Even WE can use it!

I edited the 70 clips I shot and put together a two minute short on the race which was shown at church the next day. The congregation seemed to enjoy the way (thru Hollywood magic) I had the youth ministers pregnant wife (who was pushing a baby stroller) cross the finish line way before her husband did. Ahhh, the joy of making things up… on paper or on film. Some people would call that lying. I prefer to think of it as being very creative with the truth.

Click into the comment section below if you would like to view this two minute video.

The Comments

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

So good, I watched it twice.

Doug Jones

i laughed, i cried… this video changed my life!

Dennis Jones

…almost changed my life, too… did you see the runners in the middle of the pack almost run over me??

Don Jones

Did you drive beside these runners in your car for those actions shots?

Dennis Jones

…Don, I strapped on my hockey inline skates and skated along with the crowd to get some of those shots… it didn’t work as well as I hoped it would… between the natural shakiness of the little camera shots and the skating movement, it made you kinda sick at your stomach to watch… too much fluid motion or something…

Don Jones

I like your “whatever it takes” video production attitude.