February 28, 2008


I hated art history classes in college. There were just too many weird artists and creepy pictures to try to remember. I do remember one guy though… Alberto Giacometti. He did these bizarre sculptures of people with really skinny legs and arms. I always liked that look. I tend to gravitate toward that same sort of skinny little leg and arm thing on my people, too.

The Comments

Don Jones

“Draw Comics the Marvel Way”…. in your case Dennis, that should also read “No Way”. Batman is pumped.

Dennis Jones

…he just drank a case of pop and is letting out a super hero belch…

Doug Jones

remember popping beads from our childhood? Those plastic things that you stick together? That’s what I thought of as I was looking at this guy’s arm. You could sell a super hero model kit with lots of parts (shoulders, arms, bicepts, feet, etc.) that snap together. You could have fun snapping together super hero figures. Get the BrotherJones production department on this now! chop! chop!…

Dennis Jones

…oh, that’s right, popping beads… that was my inspiration… not Giacometti… what was I thinking?

Jason Bourne

Ah, there it is. YES. Swanky.. Thanks DJ. He looks like the Bizzaro Batman.

Doug Jones

for some reason unknown to me, I really like that background color! I don’t think I would have come up with that, but it works great! I just noticed Batman’s rear molar has a cavity. Robin, fire up the Batmobile