April 10, 2008


Here’s a bunch of pictures of alligators… or maybe they’re crocodiles… I’m not really sure which. I doubt that it’s a very accurate portrayal of either one…

The Comments

Don Jones

Love those bubbles… tasteful.

Jason Bourne

Very colorful and makes me want to go swimming…

Doug Jones

hmmm…. I was the first to post here this morning… but now my comment is gone and repalced by brother Don’s! What gives? … internet gremlins at work here?

Don Jones

You probably forgot to hit the SUBMIT button, Dooglous.

Doug Jones

SUBMIT button? …. we don’t need no stinkin’ SUBMIT buttons!

Richard Carver

Very sweet Dennis. Maybe “sweet” isn’t the right word but I like ‘em. rc

Doug Jones

I like them bubbles! Do you have a magic bubble brush… or how did you make them?

Dennis Jones

…I have a magic bubble brush… it is in the Wacom 3 set of brushes…


So is it safe to assume that all images henceforth shall be digital in their final execution?