TV Alert!

January 30, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures from my Moleskine sketchbook. They are inspired by the tv show Lost. John Locke and the mysterious island monster which no one has ever seen. I’m pretty sure this is what the mysterious island monster looks like, even though I’ve never actually seen the mysterious island monster. Tonight Lost kicks off with last seasons finale, (I think) and tomorrow the season opener! …hooHOO!

The Comments

Doug Jones

Locke looks almost pleasant here… that could be a bad sign. I think you got the monster right… just add a lot of gnats… Finally something on TV I want to watch. I hope the new season does not have anyone named Hillary or Obama in it… I’m really getting tired of hearing those names… Hey… why doesn’t Jack Bauer run for president? He’s not doing anything these days…

Don Jones

Locke looks fresh and ready for the upcoming season. Beautiful renditions that get me hyped for the big show Den. I believe you and I are closer to the Locke hair-do than Douger.


If I haven’t been keeping up on the show would I be…Lost?

Jason Bourne

I can’t wait for the new Star Wars animated TV show.

Doug Jones

That flash forward on Lost is a real DOWNER! Wish they hadn’t done that…

Don Jones

Same here. I can’t wrap my mind around present, future jumpin’ around stuff. Give it to me STRAIGHT in an unadulterated sequential time sequence. I prefer to NOT THINK when I enjoy t.v.