Weasel Boys

April 1, 2005


Several years ago I read a really great book named Weasel Boys”. A few years later a movie was made from it called Mtn Grove Nights”. The movie was good, but the book was special.

On one of my recent marathon road trips to Oklahoma and back, I pulled over to take a break and noticed a place that was selling library books for a buck apiece. Low and behold, there were two Weasel Boy companion books on the table. I didnt know there were companion books. I snatched them up and got busy reading the first one, The Mtn Grove Way.

Sequels never seem to live up to the originals, but this one certainly did. It was like reading the next several chapters of the first book. I finished it and am currently plowing through the last one called Weasels of Stone.

If you like to read, I would suggest these biographies of the life and times of Dennis G. Jones… Weasel Boy.

Not to be confused with Homer H. Hickam… Rocket Boy.

The Comments

Don Jones

IT WORKED! I was totally fooled Thought I was looking at the old journal entry from a few days ago… but ALACK and ALASS it’s new text and MORE. I will get these new Dennis G. books on tape as soon as the library purchases them.

the Lama

The Weasel Boys book is bound to be a Best Smeller.

Doug Jones

GOODGOLLYBUM! I took a quick look at this earlier today and didn’t notice the change. I did notice that there were no comments. I thought it was odd that Dennis would delete all the comments on this page, but just went on my way. slick job, Weaselboy!

Dennis Jones

I make a motion that we proclaim April Fools Day the OFFICIAL holiday of the BrotherJones web site… all in favor… do the weasel boy backhand to the forehead salute…

Don Jones

If that’s the case I’m going home for the holidaze. SALUTE and salutations