JoyOfPainting Part2 Episode 1

October 16, 2006


…with your host, young Den Joneswalker…


…a beat-up R2 unit delivers a mysterious rough…


…what can this mean?

Welcome to The Joy Of Painting; Episode Two …Attack Of The Clones. I am your host, Dennis Jones, and this week I will be walking you through one of my recent jobs from start to finish.

A damaged R2 Unit mysteriously arrives at my doorstep. I notice that something seems to be lodged in it’s Plaskon T-2000 Globulator, so I pry it out with my screwdriver. A hologram of a client instantly appears and pleads with me to do a poster for her. I feel sorry for the hologram girl because she is obviously having a bad hair day, so I say, “sure, I’ll do a poster for you.” A few days later the assignment arrives in the mail.

Some folks are very specific with their art direction, others… not so much. This particular job came with a rough attached (pictured above) for me to work from. I understood the concept, but the prospect of drawing a bunch of pipes and test tubes was not very exciting. I immediately began trying to come up with ways to change their idea. This, (of course), is where I usually… well… almost always… get myself into trouble.

I put their rough on the floor of my studio and decide to just walk around it for a few days while I work on other jobs. Perhaps time will supply me with the revelation I need to tweak this job into something I will enjoy doing a bit more.

Will the Force be with young Joneswalker on this project? Will inspiration magically pop up out of nowhere just like the hologram did? Or is something much darker lurking in his future? Find out in tomorrows exciting second episode of …The Joy Of Painting!

The Comments

Doug Jones

the FARCE is strong in young Joneswalker…

Don Jones

I got as far as the GUILT METER and felt so bad about this project I had to move on…

Dennis Jones

…unfortunately a GuiltOmeter, while meant originally to only measure guilt, tends to also induce a lot of guilt in a person…

Doug Jones

Rube Goldberg could do a number on this idea…

Doug Jones

It would end with a bowling ball falling off a ladder on someone’s toe and them yelling something bad… inducing heaps of guilt and blowing the GUILT-O-METER to smithereenes

Dennis Jones

…yes Doug, cursing is always a big plus in a Sunday School poster…

Doug Jones

yeah… you get to use all those symbols that you never get to use otherwise. Like #$*&!!@#%!!!

Dennis Jones

…wow, I’ve never heard you use that kind of language before, Doug… I’m kinda shocked…

Teper Senoj

Meesa thinks u sould youse that peectuure weeth photooshoop eend add a graydient

Dennis Jones

…I couldn’t understand what that floppy eared goomer was saying in the movie either…


Oooh,a cliffhanger ~ I like it. Can’t wait for episode two.

Mark Behm

How many times do you ask yourself “and you picked ME for this job BECAUSE…?”

Dennis Jones

…I quit asking that 25 years ago… when you’re a burnt out old guy it really doesn’t matter all that much…

Don Jones

“Floppy eared goomer”… I’m using that phrase in my conversation!

Mark Behm

Heh heh heh.

Karen Jones

Dennis, you look so cute with that afro. It takes me back to when we first met… hee hee hee

Dennis Jones


Dan Lietha

And I thought your Joy of Painting series were great before! This is REALLY getting interesting! Perhaps the REAL secret to Dennis’ success is about to be made known! YESSSSSSSSSS!

Dennis Jones

…ok, Dan, ok… you caught me… I confess… I am just the front man for a team of Jedi Knights that are actually doing the artwork… that little green one with the pointy ears is particularly good with gouache…

Yoda (pointy eared he is)

Too old, Joneswalker, are you, the training to begin, necessary that it is, in the ways of the force, backwards to talk like me…