Giant Slayer

March 11, 2010


…so what is he trying to say here? Something deeply philosophical? That cannot be because he’s shallower than a rainwater puddle. He must just be posting a piece of spot art he did somewhere along the line and slopping some type and a different background on it in a feeble attempt to keep himself out of trouble with the client who originally commissioned it… no sir, this is a completely different David than the one I did for you… that would be my guess about it, anyway…

The Comments

Don Jones

I agree totally, if you change a piece of art by around 5.7% then it’s a totally new piece. That’s in the U.S. constitution I think.

Dennis Jones

…the bill of rights to be specific…

Doug Jones

are there baby chicks in that bag of his?

Nik how the words look and the head band.

Dennis Jones

…there are baby chicks in his bag, Doug… he is trying to heroically save them from Brother Don’s Chicken Farm…


are you still doing your characters by hand with digital bkg or are they all digital now?