Blue Hair

March 26, 2008


If you want your character to have black hair you are supposed to use the color blue to achieve that. I’m not sure, but I think all I achieved was giving this lady a head full of blue hair…

The Comments

Terry Elliott

And by giving her blue hair you’ve made her 80 years old. This is getting confusing.

Jason Bourne

She looks like Cher. Very cool.

Doug Jones

wasn’t she eliminated from American Idol last week?

Don Jones

That’s a reverse frost. I’d recognize that hair treatment anywhere. This “blue” hair is similar to the “blue lighting” technique employed in video. When you’re shooting a night scene add blue lights. Perhaps we can get some expert insight from TheRealNickJonesEverybody.

Dennis Jones

…Superman has blue hair… if it’s good enough for Superman it’s… well… hmm …hey, you’re not gonna catch me criticizing that cat… he’s big…